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We Are Trained And Experienced Mediation Attorneys

When considering mediation, you want to work with mediators who are certified and experienced at handling family law cases. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we are mediation lawyers who have completed rigorous training with some of the top divorce and family law mediators.

With years of experience, ongoing training and participation in mediation workshops, we have developed proven strategies to help couples come to sustainable agreements. Some of our services and strategies include the following:

  • Flexible methods: We have developed an effective mediation process over the years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible. In complex cases, or when tension and emotional trauma linger, we can adjust our methods to ensure all parties feel comfortable.
  • Co-mediation: When couples struggle to reach agreements, it can be helpful to have a second mediator in the room to assist. This process of co-mediation balances the room so each party feels as if he or she has an ally.
  • Legal resources: When mediation hits a roadblock, it can help to know the law and the various ways an issue might be resolved by a judge. Our mediators also litigate cases and can offer valuable insight to help resolve disputes.
  • Qualified: Plenty of firms and lawyers claim to be mediators, but it’s important to determine whether they have actually gone through the proper training. We take mediation seriously because we know just how beneficial it can be to our clients.

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At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we exclusively handle matters of family law and commit our practice to helping individuals, couples and families find creative solutions. Contact our Rocklin, Granite Bay and Folsom law offices by dialing 916-780-0848. You may also send us an email via our online contact form.