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Divorce Mediation Attorney

Instead of accepting the emotional and financial turmoil of divorce, families have the power to determine the terms of their separation. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we provide litigation, mediation and collaborative services. By providing options, we put the power into the hands of our clients by giving them the information, resources and guidance they need.

Saving Time And Money Through Mediation

Many couples worry about the substantial costs of pursuing a divorce through litigation. With many litigated divorces taking nearly a year to resolve, the emotional and financial burden can quickly wear on both parties. By working outside the courts in a structured, amicable setting, mediation often provides a better alternative.

During mediation, anything is on the table for discussion. Instead of allowing a judge to determine the terms of divorce, a couple can work things out for themselves with the help of the impartial divorce mediator. Ranging from drafting parenting time agreements to child support and property division, both parties can share ideas to reach a mutually acceptable solution to all issues of their divorce. Furthermore, your lawyer can advise your every move to ensure you are comfortable and confident.

Not only does mediation give power back to both parties, it also moves more quickly, costs significantly less than litigation, and spares everyone involved the stress and frustration of going to court.

We Will Guide You Through The Entire Mediation Process

As mediation attorneys, we have decades of experience handling all matters of divorce and family law. Furthermore, we have engaged in mediation training and workshops to ensure we are current on the best methods of dispute resolution. We invite you to discover our difference and learn how we can help you effectively resolve your family law issue.

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