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Child Custody and Visitation

A fundamental principle in child custody matters is the fact that the best interests of the children must take top priority. Secondly, parents engaged in divorce and custody disputes must not get the children involved in the conflict. However tempting it is, adults should not discuss the divorce or legal maneuvers with the children in such a way as to place them in the middle between warring spouses.

Keep Children Out of the Middle

We know from life experience as well as from observation in our law practice how important it is for parents not to fight in front of children. And above all, parents must reassure their children of their love at all times, especially through times of family transitions.

Contact us to learn about our experience as family law attorneys with high-conflict child custody cases. We are well-qualified to deal with such complications as parental alienation syndrome. If you have reason to believe that your spouse is deliberately poisoning your children’s attitudes toward you, learn what legal actions we can help you take to combat this unethical practice.

Child Custody Mediation as Required by Law in Disputed Cases

In any child custody dispute, California family law courts require parents to attend mediation either through court-provided mediators (Family Court Services) or through private mediation.

Although private mediation is more expensive than utilizing the Court’s mediation services, it may be the more appropriate path for you and your family.

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The attorneys at Miller & Associates guide their clients through the mediation process and ensure that they are prepared for mediation to yield the best result.


Private Mediation:

There is a fee for private mediation, depending on what mediator is chosen by the parties.

Family Court Services (FCS) Mediation:

This is mediation offered by the court and is free every six (6) months. Contact Miller & Associates to discuss this free service and private mediation.

Family Code Section 3110/3111 Custody Evaluation:

This mediation process may be for you and your family if you have a move-away issue or a contested custody case that involves more in depth analysis of the children’s needs.

Our experience and knowledge in child custody are thorough and sophisticated. Ask us about issues related to child custody such as the following:

Hearings before a judge following mediation

Child custody trials when pretrial negotiations including mediation do not yield an acceptable agreement

Grandparent visitation

Joint physical and legal custody

Custody and visitation

Child relocation (move away) cases

Post-judgment custody modifications

Folsom CA Child Custody Lawyers Offering Peaceful Resolutions That Save You Time and Money

Learn how our lawyers are prepared to advocate vigorously for your and your children’s best interests in the most efficient ways available under California laws.

Child custody disputes are never easy or straightforward to resolve. The guidance, support and advocacy of an experienced family law attorney are essential.

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