Are you interested in divorce mediation in Sacramento County?

by | Nov 19, 2011 | Firm News |

Are you interested in divorce mediation in Sacramento County, but not sure how to get started? The first thing to do is to look for family law attorneys that are trained and certified as divorce mediators. The second thing you should understand is the difference between getting divorced under the typical litigation model versus mediation or using the collaborative divorce guidelines. The following will help you understand the differences and why more and more people are choosing to get divorced in Sacramento using the mediation or collaborative divorce models.

– Historically the way people divorce.
– Expensive communication goes up from party to attorney to judge
– Focus is on the past.
– Not confidential.
– Traumatic emotionally.

– Impartial and neutral process where two people find a fair and practical way to end their marriage, divide their property and, if minor children are involved, continue to parent their children as sensibly as possible.
– Assisted negotiation.
– Preferred way to resolve a marriage because efficient, less expensive that litigation and allows the Parties to make decisions, not Judge.
– Each party keeps their power to control the outcomes of the divorce because decisions are made mutually by both Parties with the help of specially trained mediators.
– Focus is on the future.
– Confidential process.
– Best option emotionally for parties

Collaborative Law:
– Each hires mediator trained attorney. If process fails, then need to get new attorneys.
– More expensive than mediation and less expensive than litigation
– Speak to lawyers who then speak to each other
– May involve mental health professionals as divorce coaches.
– Emotional costs are yet to be studied.

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