How Can I Make My Sacramento Divorce More Affordable, Part 2?

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Firm News |

There are other ways to make a Sacramento divorce less expensive.  Another popular method is attorney mediation services provided by a Sacramento divorce attorney.  Divorce mediation can save costs because both parties hire the same Sacramento divorce attorney to mediate their divorce.  The parties agree to avoid court and work through their disputed issues with the mediating attorney’s input.  This is in contrast to litigation where the parties hire their own attorneys, they communicate through their attorneys, and the attorneys communicate to one another.  If there is a dispute,

the attorneys file pleadings and argue the issue with the judge. This often gets very expensive. By contrast in mediation, the parties communicate directly to the mediator who is trained to help the parties reach an agreement.  This is a more efficient process which saves parties money, time, and frustration.

When the parties litigate a case it is often very hard for either side to determine what the judge will order.  Different judges will interpret facts and the law differently, and attorneys will present issues and legal arguments differently to the judge.  In mediation, the parties are empowered because they are reaching their agreements together, and such decisions are more likely to be well-planned.  If the parties cannot reach an agreement right away, our Sacramento divorce mediators will provide a summary of the law, the range of possible options, and help the parties resolve the issue with a mutually agreeable solution.