Child Custody & Child Custody Recommending Counseling

by | Dec 5, 2012 | Firm News |

Child custody laws in California are designed to help provide for the very best outcome for children in any divorce. When navigating through dissolution/custody issues in Sacramento, California it is very easy to forget to balance your ever changing emotions with your partner and the needs of your child(ren).  Many times parents find themselves withholding visitation or access to a child in retaliation or parenting differences.  The California Court System has established a system for Child Custody Recommendation Counseling (CCRC) to assist in making custody/visitation orders.  By filing a Request for Order (RFO) with the court, you are then referred to the Family Court Services (FCS) for CCRC.  A licensed family therapist, hired by the court system, is then assigned your case.

Your CCRC counselor will attempt to assist both parents in coming to an agreement.  If an agreement cannot be reached in CCRC, the counselor will issue a recommendation to be submitted to the judge.  The CCRC Counselor will take many things into consideration including the behaviors of the parents, schedules, and influences.  When you go into CCRC, it is very important to exhibit a willingness to work with the other parent, encourage a healthy and open relationship with the other parent, and demonstrate that you will put the needs of the child(ren) above your personal feelings towards the other parent.    Anything less may harm you immensely. If you have any questions on how to navigate the court system and your potential custody dispute, please contact our office for a free half-hour consultation