How do Fathers Obtain more Visitation Rights?

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Firm News |

You are a loving, dedicated father but you do not see your children as much as you would like.  Perhaps the children have directly asked you why they cannot see you more.  You have asked the children’s mother for more time, but you keep getting stalled, ignored, or denied.  What can you do?

As Father’s Rights Attorneys, we have represented many men who want more time with their children but are unsure how to obtain it.

We believe it is important that fathers first try to peacefully negotiate with the children’s mother for more time.  Sometimes a series of candid conversations while demonstrating availability and willingness to spend time with the children will be enough to persuade the mother to give up some of her time on a regular basis.  If this is successful, we recommend you visit with a Father’s Rights Attorney to draft a written modification to your court order so that your visitation change is memorialized.

However, men often tell us they have tried to negotiate with their ex-partner and have been rejected.  The rejection is usually based on one of several grounds. One is a desire to control the children’s routines instead of letting go and trusting the father to care for the children.  A second is fear that the children will become more attached to the father than them.  Another is residual anger over the failed relationship and using visitation denial as a way to punish or control the father.  Another is a recognition that reduced time means a likely reduction in child support received.

If your ex-partner has rejected your attempts to increase your parenting time, you will need to file a motion to modify custody in the Sacramento child custody court.  You will also need a comprehensive plan to demonstrate to the child custody mediator and the court that you are ready to accept more parenting time.  Our Fathers Rights Attorneys here at Miller & Associates are experienced in helping fathers.  We offer a free half hour consultation and would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help you in your case.