Help! I Missed Sacramento Family Law Custody Mediation and Disagree with the Order. What Can I do?

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Firm News |

One of the most critical parts of any Sacramento Child Custody case is the Family Court Services custody mediation appointment.  In fact, in every Sacramento child custody case, the parties are required to attend child custody mediation.  Sacramento Family Court Services will provide free child custody mediation services through Sacramento County.  When a party files a motion for custody in Sacramento County, Sacramento FCS will contact you via the mail with your mediation appointment.

As you have probably gathered, it is crucial that you attend your appointment. 

If you have a serious reason for why you cannot attend, you should contact Sacramento FCS well in advance to inform them of your conflict and make alternate arrangements.

What happens if you miss your Sacramento Family Law Custody mediation appointment?  Simply put, missing that appointment can have serious negative consequences for your custody  rights.  Without your participation, the Sacramento child custody recommending counselor can decide to give your ex-partner everything they want.  If you miss your Sacramento Family Law Custody mediation appointment and you do not have a Sacramento child custody attorney, you should hire a Sacramento child custody attorney immediately.  You should also be prepared to explain to the Sacramento family law judge in court why you missed the appointment and that you would like to be re-referred to mediation for another appointment.  The Sacramento judge is not required to re-refer you to another mediation appointment, so this is a circumstance in which you could strongly benefit from having an attorney to represent you in front of the court.

If you recently missed your Sacramento Family Law Custody Mediation appointment and received a poor mediation recommendation, please call us immediately.  We are experienced family law attorneys and we offer a free half-hour consultation.  We will discuss your case and explain your remedies.  Please contact us today.