Is Divorce Mediation Worth It?

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Firm News |

Obtaining a divorce in Granite Bay can be painful and costly.  Almost everyone has heard horror stories of other people going through a nasty and contested divorce.  The hallmark of these nasty and contested cases is expensive attorney costs, many court battles, diminished assets, and extreme emotional frustration.

Luckily not every Granite Bay divorce case has to be a horror story. 

In addition to litigating a divorce, the parties can jointly choose to utilize a lawyer trained in Granite Bay divorce mediation.  This works particularly well with both parties are committed to negotiating a resolution and keeping the case out of court.  A divorce mediator will meet with both parties and help them identify the places in which they agree and the places in which they disagree.  The mediator is neutral and does not favor one party over the other.

Divorce mediators are a terrific way to keep legal costs down because both parties are splitting the cost of one lawyer and will stay out of court.  Also, the divorce mediator assists the parties in reaching agreements on difficult issues by holding one or more mediation sessions with the parties until all issues are resolved in a compromise agreement.  Once the divorce mediator has assisted the parties in reaching a full agreement, they will draft all the proper legal paperwork and get it entered with the court.

Divorce mediation does have disadvantages.  It is a completely voluntary process. If one party is not committed to resolving the issues amicably and does not listen to the options presented by the mediator, the mediation will be unsuccessful and the parties will litigate the issues in court. A divorce mediator is not legally permitted to represent one of the parties in litigation after previously mediating the case.

If you are involved in a Granite Bay divorce and are interested in divorce mediation, please give us a call.  We can meet with both you and your spouse and discuss the divorce mediation process in a free half-hour attorney consultation.