Sacramento Agreements Not to Collect Child Support

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Firm News |

In cases where the parties are trying to resolve Sacramento Divorce and Sacramento Child Custody issues, a related issue is how to handle child support.  Child support is a legal right owed to the child to allow them to share in the standard of living of both parents.  Thus, both parents have a legal obligation to support their child and to work to the best of their financial ability to support their child. 

In Sacramento child custody actions, one parent is often the primary custodial parent, though not always. Child support therefore is meant to improve the custodial parent’s household and therefore the children’s overall standard of living.

However, even though parties have a right to request child support from the Sacramento child support court, they do not have to do so.  This is particularly true in cases where the parties have sufficient income and are trying to amicably resolve all issues.  In these cases, it can be sensible to set child support at $0/month so that neither spouse owes support to the other spouse.  While neither spouse can “waive” support, if they are getting along well, they can agree to keep child support at $0/month.  This can last as long as the parties can continue to keep the peace and not pursue the other parent in court for child support.

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