Completion of the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure in Sacramento

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Firm News |

In every Sacramento divorce case, the parties must complete and serve a Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (or PDD).  The Sacramento court will not set a case for trial or enter the parties’ settlement agreement unless they have each served the PDD on each other and each party has filed a copy of the proof of service with the court.

Parties to a Sacramento divorce often want to know what must be put on their PDD.  The easy answer is: every asset and debt you can think of.  All of your community property and separate property must be listed with fair market values as of the date you separated.  All of your community debts and separate debts must be listed with a statement of account as of the date you separated.  If you know that your spouse acquired an asset or debt, but are unsure of the value, you can estimate the value in your PDD.  It is your spouse’s obligation to fully disclose what they know about their assets and debts.  For smaller value items like furniture, furnishings, household goods and clothes, you can go on a room by room basis in the home and estimate values based upon garage sale/eBay/Craigslist prices.

If you are involved in a Sacramento divorce case, we recommend you talk to our Sacramento divorce attorneys to help you prepare your PDD.  We can help you organize your documents and address your assets and debts.  Call us today for your free half hour consultation.