Placer County Father’s Rights Attorneys

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Firm News |

As Father’s Rights Attorneys, we find that many men come into our office assuming the Placer County child custody courts are biased against them and show favoritism to women.  They assume that the Placer County child custody mediators will favor their ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and will assume the children must spend most of their time with their mother.

In our experience, these assumptions men make are misguided.  It is natural to assume that the mother has an inside track in a Placer County child custody case, but in reality fathers and mothers have equal constitutional rights to parent and raise their children.  Both have equal right to have access to the children and both are required by California law to contribute financial support for the children.  If you are a father, you have an equal right to raise your children and make important decisions regarding their educational training, medical treatment, social activities, and religious training.  If you are a father, you have a right to file a Placer County child custody challenge in court if the mother wants to relocate with the children and leave you behind.  Also, either you or your child’s mother can file motions in Placer court to enforce or change the custody order if there are significant changed circumstances.

While the Placer County child custody courts do not always immediately grant equal visitation, if the father is persistent in asking for more time, and actually using his court ordered time with the children, and does not otherwise endanger the children’s health, safety or welfare, the courts are very likely to eventually transition to an equal parenting schedule.  The courts and mediators realize that the children need both their mother and their father.  If both are available to equally parent the children, and there are no other health and safety risks, the court will give significant visitation to both parents.  The worst thing any father can do is simply give up and assume the system works against him.  The second worst thing any father can do is to give the mediator or judge the impression that he only wants visitation rights to lower his child support obligation.

Regardless of whether you were married to the children’s mother, if you have concerns about protecting your rights as a father, please do not hesitate to call us for a free half-hour consultation.  Our Placer County Father’s Rights attorneys are prepared to represent fathers in protecting their child custody rights.