Can I Make my Divorce More Affordable in Sacramento, Part 1?

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Firm News |

A common question parties to a Sacramento divorce have is whether they can affordably hire a lawyer to represent them in their case.  Most people know that having a lawyer gives them access to legal resources and helpful guidance that they could not find on their own.  The problem is usually the cost of legal services.  If you can afford to hire a firm, we have found there are a few ways you can maximize your resources and help keep the litigation costs down. 

First, trying to settle issues outside of court is a good way to lower costs in a Sacramento divorce.  Every time your attorney has to go to court to litigate an issue, it is very expensive.  The preparation costs, travel time, face time in front of the judge, and prepare the post-hearing orders can eat significant chunks out of your legal retainer.  If you and your spouse can negotiate agreements between your attorneys, you are likely to save money.

Second, you can keep phone calls and emails short and to the point.  Your attorney has to bill for his time and each time you contact your attorney, you are billed.  Some people use their attorney too much for unnecessary issues and are surprised when their bill is high for all of the time spent communicating with their attorney.  It is important to draw a healthy balance between communicating important case facts and updates to your attorney, and avoiding contacting your attorney for things that are unnecessary or trivial.