Can I Make my Divorce More Affordable in Sacramento, Part 2?

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Firm News |

There are other options to make your Sacramento divorce more affordable.  You and your spouse, if you are on amicable enough grounds, can hire one joint attorney-mediator to assist you in negotiating an agreement on all issues outside of court.  The Sacramento divorce attorney-mediator does not represent either party to the detriment of the other party.  Everything is negotiated with both parties and the divorce mediator keeps both parties in the loop via email, phone conferences, and in-office consultations.  This is a great way for parties to avoid expensive court costs and avoid paying for two separate legal retainers for two separate attorneys.  Keep in mind, this option only works if both parties are committed to keeping the case out of court and to using the Sacramento divorce mediator to complete the case.  If one party gets cold feet and wants to leave the divorce mediation, the money spent is gone and the divorce mediator has to completely withdraw from the case.

Another option is to hire a Sacramento divorce attorney in limited scope.  Usually the client retainer cost is lower and the Sacramento divorce attorney is hired to only advise and assist with document preparation.  In many limited scope arrangements, the attorney is not hired to be on the court’s records as the client’s case attorney and the other party doesn’t even know that the hiring party is consulting with an attorney privately.  Also, in many limited scope arrangements, the attorney is not retained to appear in court or at trial.  Using the limited scope option can help reduce costs because the party is doing some of the work themselves with a little guidance, coaching and document preparation on the side.  The downside of limited scope is that the party is still responsible for their case and has to attend court alone.

If you are involved in Sacramento divorce and you want to discuss options to lower the costs of your case, please give our experienced family law attorneys a call.  We offer a free half-hour consultation in which we can discuss your case and how to lower costs while still receiving some valuable services.  Please contact us today.