Placer County Father’s Rights Attorneys

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Firm News |

A current hot button issue among men is successfully advocating for their child custody rights.  As we are Father’s Rights Attorneys, we find that many men come into our office assuming the Placer county child custody system is slanted against them and slanted toward the children’s mother.  These men also assume that when they appear before the Placer county mediators and the courts that their concerns will be ignored.

While we completely understand why fathers would be so suspicious, we believe this fear is ultimately misguided.  Fathers need to know that they have equal constitutional rights to parent and raise their children as do the mothers.  Both mothers and fathers have equal right to have access to the children and both are required by California law to contribute financial support for the children.  Both parents have equal right to make important decisions regarding the children’s education, medical treatment, social activities, and religious teaching.  Either parent can file a Placer child custody motion to set or change a child custody order if there are significant changed circumstances.

Another important truth to remember is that Placer child custody courts may not immediately grant evenly divided custody rights, they will eventually give a persistent and involved father more visitation.  It goes without saying that the father must not otherwise endanger the children’s health, safety or welfare.

If you are a father and you desire more parenting time with your children, please contact our father’s rights attorneys today.  We offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your rights and your factual situation further.