Requesting a Sacramento County Family Law Trial

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Firm News |

In a typical Sacramento County family law case, the parties will reach a settlement of all of the issues of the divorce, custody dispute, support dispute, or property dispute.  In Sacramento County, family law cases rarely go to trial for various reasons including expense, emotional exhaustion of the parties, or commitment on the part of the litigants to settle the case out of court.

Sometimes the parties to a Sacramento County family law case are unable to resolve the issues in their case and have to go to trial.  In Sacramento County, either party can request a trial after the parties have prepared their preliminary declarations of disclosure and served each other.  One party can file a request to set for trial (memorandum to set) and the court will set a hearing to set trial dates.  In the alternative, the parties can agree to set dates by stipulation.

If you are in a Sacramento family law case that appears to be struggling for a resolution, or is already set for trial and you are in need of legal counsel, please contact us today.  We offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your rights and your factual situation further.