Sacramento Child Custody and Health, Safety, and Welfare

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Firm News |


If you are involved in a Sacramento child custody case, it is important that you are aware of the critical factors impacting the court’s decisions on awarding custody.  The Sacramento child custody court is interested in fashioning a child custody order that is in the child’ best interests.  The Sacramento child custody court evaluates which custody and visitation plan will protect the child’s health, safety and welfare.


One thing parents cannot plan for is accidents that happen while the child is in their care.  It can be as simple as a bruised knee, or in the case of the entertainer, Usher, whose child nearly drowned in a pool during his time.  Usher’s ex-wife tried to use the pool incident to imply that Usher was an irresponsible parent and that primary custody should be transferred to her.  Fortunately for Usher, the court ruled in his favor because he was able to demonstrate to the court’s satisfaction that he was not a danger to the children’s health, safety and welfare.

If you are involved in a Sacramento child custody case, and there are health, safety and welfare concerns for your child, we recommend you talk to our Sacramento child custody attorneys.  Call us today for your free half hour consultation.

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