How do I enforce Placer County Custody and Visitation Orders?

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Firm News |

In a perfect world, all parties to a Placer County Child Custody case would set aside their personal issues with the other parent and obey the Placer County Family Court’s Child Custody orders, even if those orders are undesirable. Unfortunately, there are some parties who refuse to obey the Placer County Child Custody orders, or who will do subtle things to undermine them. These cases can be among the most difficult and tedious in family law.

An aggrieved parent has a few remedies to address disobedient and contemptible behavior by their ex partner. First, they can write professional but sternly worded correspondence instructing the offending parent of the court ordered terms and their violating actions. Second, they can notify law enforcement during a new act of disobedience and request the police enforce the terms of the court order. Third, they can file a motion to change custody and visitation orders and note the acts of disobedience and intentional frustration of a valid court order. Finally, they can file a motion for contempt of court and ask the court to sanction or even potentially imprison the offending parent if the court feels it is legally justified.

If you are involved in a Placer County child custody case, and you believe your ex partner is violating the court order, please give us a call. We can meet with you and discuss the Placer County child custody process in a free half-hour attorney consultation.