How do I Obtain Needed Documents from My Spouse in my Sacramento Divorce?

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Firm News |

In Sacramento Divorces that go to trial, an important part of the pre-trial process is obtaining evidence within the control of the other party. In order to obtain these documents, the requesting party should consult with a Sacramento Family law attorney to conduct legal discovery. Legal discovery includes subpoenas to third party banks or entities who are custodians of the documents. It also includes legal demands (in writing) for categories of documents in the control of the other party. It also includes legal questions (interrogatories) to be answered under oath. It can include subpoenaing the other party or 3rd party witnesses to appear at a deposition in front of a court reporter and to surrender documents at the deposition.

Parties to a Sacramento divorce can also hire private investigators and expert witnesses to collect information and prepare reports for usage in court. Thus there are many methods to collect evidence for use at trial and all of these methods must receive cooperation so long as each method is reasonably calculated to the uncovering of admissible evidence. If the other party refuses to comply, then the requesting party can file a motion to enforce the discovery in Sacramento family court and also request attorney fees for the trouble and cost of seeking court intervention.

If you are involved in a Sacramento divorce and you want to collect evidence from your spouse, or enforce a collection attempt in court, please give us a call. We can help you prepare your discovery requests and file motions to compel production/obedience. Please give our Sacramento divorce attorneys a call today for your free half hour consultation.