Sacramento Child Custody and Health, Safety, and Welfare

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Firm News |

If you are involved in a Sacramento child custody case, it is important that you understand and prepare to address the critical legal factors affecting the court’s decisions regarding child custody.  The Sacramento child custody court is responsible to make child custody orders that are in the child’ best interests.  The court is not required to consider the parents best interest, or the best interest of anyone other than the child.  The Sacramento child custody court protects the child’s best interest by finding a plan that respects the child’s health, safety and welfare.

One factor the court considers is whether either or both parents are ensuring their children are exercising proper hygiene, and are being supervised to avoid potential dangers.  Unfortunately, no parent is perfect and no parent can prevent every possible accident or harm that can come to their child in daily life.  The accident can be as simple as a bruised knee, or in worse cases, children being kidnapped, abused, neglected or worse.  In simple accidents, the courts and mediators understand that bumps and bruises happen, especially if the children are active and play sports.  Parents who are not careful to maintain their children’s hygiene, personal care, and supervise their children’s behavior do run the risk of giving unintended court “ammunition” to an angry ex-spouse or ex-partner.  Parents should exercise the utmost caution with their children’s health, safety and welfare so that they minimize the chance of losing an unnecessary Sacramento child custody battle to their ex-spouse or ex-partner.

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