Providing for children under 5 in California

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Children of California parents who have just gotten a divorce tend to need extra love and attention to get through such a potentially traumatic event. While most children and parents eventually get through the transition relatively unscathed, it is important for parents to communicate on a regular basis. This may allow a parent to let the other parent know about any problems that a child may have, especially if the child is young.

What young children need the most after a divorce or separation is stability. Parents should spend extra time with their kids and show them as much love as possible. It is also important to set limits within a framework that acknowledges their feelings. The children should also have the same babysitter or caregiver who is known and accepted by both parents to add extra stability in the child’s life.

Through such stability, a child may be able to make better sense of his or her place in the world. If parents can control their negative feelings around their children, they can serve as positive role models for what it takes to be happy in life. When parents are able to communicate with each other, they can work out their differences in a healthy manner, which may make to easier to stay positive around the children.

Child custody may be a point of contention during a divorce settlement. However, coming to an agreement that keeps both parents in a child’s life can be in the best interest of that child. If necessary, an attorney can help negotiate an agreement that allows both parents to feel good about the resolution. If needed, an attorney may represent a parent in court during a child custody dispute.

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