Rapper awarded primary physical custody of daughter

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Child Support, Firm News |

California fans of the rapper Ludacris may have heard about the custody battle the entertainer has been involved in with the mother of his daughter. In a reversal of what often occurs in high-profile celebrity child custody cases in which the celebrity has to pay a significant sum for support, the mother has been ordered by a judge to pay Ludacris $2,000 a month. Reports say that the two were never married to one another.

The mother had originally asked for $15,000 a month as well as primary physical custody of the child. However, Ludacris, whose legal name is Christopher Bridges, argued that despite his net worth of $25 million, his cash flow had been affected by the delay of a film following the death of actor Paul Walker. Ludacris also asked for primary physical custody of the child.

One report suggested that the judge did not seem to believe the mother’s assertion that she needed that much money per month. Although the mother did get a job so she could support the child, the judge awarded primary physical custody to Ludacris.

Individuals who wish to seek primary custody and child support should keep in mind that as in this case, the legal system does not always operate as an individual might expect. For example, a father might assume that a mother will usually be awarded custody, or a person who appears to have more money might think they will end up paying a significant sum for child support. However, the court attempts to look at the individual circumstances of a situation and make the best decision.

Source: The Libertarian Republic, “Rapper Ludacris wins custody of daughter and $2K monthly child support from his baby mama,” Austin Petersen, March 9, 2015