Helping children deal with divorce

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Child Custody |

In many California custody cases, children often feel like they get put in the middle of every argument their parents have. This can make children feel awkward or uncomfortable about continuing healthy relationships with their parents, especially if the divorce was difficult. However, there are ways parents can be supportive of their children in these types of situations.

Co-parenting is one way the former couple can make their kids feel more comfortable about the divorce and spending time with each parent. Co-parenting is when both parents make a commitment to continue raising their children together either through compromising or cooperation. If co-parenting is not an option, parallel parenting may work. This parenting method means the parents disengage from each other completely. This usually results in limited contact.

In the meantime, parents should have conversations with their children about the divorce. If the parents can work together when talking about what the divorce means, the children may have some of their fears alleviated. The children should be reassured that the divorce was not their fault as many kids often assume that they were responsible for causing their parents to split. Parents should also be very careful about talking negatively about the other parent, as this can put stress on the child.

Child custody disputes can cause children to become stressed and to have strained relationships with one or both their parents. If the parents cannot seem to work together, a family law attorney may have solutions that can help a parent continue to have a strong bond with their child. In some cases, this may mean seeking to modify visitation schedules so that the parent can have a part in the child’s daily life or to take the child on regular vacations.