Jeremy Renner’s child support woes

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Child Support |

California film lovers and Marvel fans likely know who Jeremy Renner is, but the actor has some behind the scenes drama that some might not be aware of. Renner was married to Sonni Pacheco for eight months before the couple divorced in 2015. They share a 3-year-old daughter, and Pacheco claims that Renner is behind on his child support obligations.

She has alleged that the 45-year-old actor owes more than $48,000 in child support payments. As Renner was ordered to pay $13,000 per month, this would mean he missed some payments. Renner is also supposedly responsible for paying $1,600 every month for preschool tuition, she claims.

The former couple shares joint custody of their daughter, and Renner’s representative denies all of Pacheco’s claims and says that the star has paid what he was supposed to and more in order to help care for his child. Pacheco wants the court to enforce the support order and pay tuition costs, but Renner’s representative says that the latter is not mandated by the divorce decree.

Even when a couple manages to dissolve a marriage in an amicable fashion, it is typically best to make all arrangements official in court. This means that child support and alimony agreements would be validated by a judge. If one person does stop paying, a judge could enforce the order. If one party is asking for something that was not agreed upon, a judge generally does not have the power to simply grant a request unless a formal petition to modify the original order is submitted.