Possible fate of Jolie and Pitt assets

by | Oct 6, 2016 | High-Asset Divorce |

There are various legal complications in high-asset divorces such as the one between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This is especially true when it comes to assets and asset division. California is a community property state, so the marital assets of the two actors will be subject to even division unless the two can come to their own arrangement.

There is a total of $550 million to divide, and the situation is further complicated by the disparity of earnings between the two. While both individuals are inarguably very wealthy, Pitt has made the majority of earnings during the marriage. He banked about $76.5 million of the total $117.5 million in income earned by the couple.

In addition to a large amount of income and liquid wealth, the couple has numerous properties in locations like France and New Orleans. However, any properties acquired before the marriage will not be subject to property division. Although both stars are hopeful that the divorce proceedings will be settled quickly, it will likely take months just to figure the financial aspect of the separation. The process could be further complicated by custody disputes over the couple’s six children. Child custody often has an impact on asset division, which could complicate that process even more.

One possible saving grace for Jolie and Pitt, as well as other wealthy couples, is a prenuptial agreement. These agreements can be used to outline asset division and custody before a divorce happens. They are very useful for simplifying the process, and they also help the couple be prepared for what will happen in case of a divorce. If a high-asset divorce is a possibility, one may wish to consult an attorney. They may recommend that a couple sign a prenuptial agreement, which will directly guide the divorce process.