Settling divorces through mediation

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

Mediation is one of the tools California couples can use when they are facing the end of their marriage. The process provides a safe and non-aggressive way to resolve issues so that both parties are content with the settlement terms of the divorce. Estranged couples may consider undergoing mediation for a variety of reasons.

Engaging in litigation can be stressful on both parties and can leave them feeling exposed as the personal aspects of each spouse’s life has to be discussed in front of a judge. Mediation allows them to discuss their issues in a more accommodating and less tense environment than the inside of a courtroom.

Mediation is also less overwhelming and confrontational than other methods. Much of how well the process will work will be determine by the mediator who will oversee the process. The mediator is a licensed professional who will provide unbiased and neutral guidance in helping the couple work through their issues, which can include child custody, property division and alimony.

Another reason couple may opt for mediation is that it is less expensive than going to court. Professional fees can rapidly mount up, especially if there are multiple hearings. While mediation can provide a number of benefits, it is not always the best choice for every divorce situation. For example, situations in which there is a history of domestic violence or other types of abuse may be best resolved in a courtroom.

Mediation is an option for couples who want to end their marriage and are willing to engage in productive conversations to address their issues. Each party is entitled to separate legal representation throughout the process.