Federal agency improves online child support portal

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Child Support |

California employers will have access to an improved online portal operated by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. The portal is designed to help employers, and, more specifically, payroll departments, more efficiently process child support withholding documents. It allows employers to more quickly receive forms and correspond with child support offices on both the state and federal levels, according to the OCSE.

Additionally, the portal allows employers to provide important contact and identification information to child support offices. Child support offices and enforcement agencies should operate more efficiently thanks to the improved child support portal, which reduces wasted time by eliminating problems like mail that has been misaddressed or misdirected. The OCSE said the portal makes it easier to designate personnel in charge of income-withholding orders, employment verification forms and National Medical Support Notices.

Employers can make use of the portal to specify names and contact information for the employees that child support agencies should contact for general inquiries, child support payroll processing and electronic funds transfers, among other things. The portal can inform agencies regarding the presence or details of an employer’s health insurance plan, allowing some employers to avoid processing unnecessary medical support notices.

Two of the primary features of the previous portal, lump-sum reporting and electronic termination, have been incorporated into the new model. With lump-sum reporting, employers can report anticipated lump sum payments so child support agencies can issue orders to withhold income.

Electronic termination allows employers to easily notify agencies when an employee who is subject to income withholding has been terminated. The improvements to the portal are designed to make it easier for employers to cooperate with child support agencies, with the goal of better collections. Individuals who have questions about the rules surrounding child support may want to speak with a lawyer who may be able to help secure an order of child support or help a client collect overdue payments.