Co-parenting and relocation

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Child Custody |

Co-parenting can become complicated for divorced parents and their young children if one of the parents moves far away. Former couples in California who having these types of issues may want to consider mediation to resolve them.

The parent who relocated may want have the same amount of parenting time on the same schedule that he or she had before the relocation, regardless of whether it may be an issue for the children. The parent who remained in the same location may want to ensure that the children’s activities remain centered around the same locale.

When the focus of the co-parenting begins to towards the parents and away from the children, the situation is failing. In order to be successful, the children must always be the parents’ priority. Parents should do what is necessary to support their children so that they can be well-adjusted and become individuals who are physically and emotionally well.

Divorced parents should also keep in mind that making important decisions and disagreeing with each other does not end when the divorce is finalized. It only signifies the end of a marriage, not any co-parenting responsibilities. If one parent relocates and both parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding a revised parent-child contact schedule or the transportation for the revised contact, mediation may be appropriate. During mediation, both parents can be in a supportive environment while having difficult conversations while deciding on contact schedules and transportation responsibilities.

These types of child custody issues can fester if not quickly addressed. Family law attorneys will often urge their clients to seek a resolution as soon as possible so that their children don’t suffer.