Stopping child support payments

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Child Support |

When California parents of young children separate or divorce, it is likely that one parent will be responsible for paying child support to the other. However, there are certain scenarios that can occur where a parent who initially requested child support wishes to stop these payments.

For example, a parent may not need child support payments if the couple gets back together. If the custodial parent who was initially being paid child support has their financial situation change for the better, the other parent could potentially file to have the child support order modified by the court. Finally, if parents who are paying child support has their own financial circumstances change to where they can no longer make the payments, a court could issue a change in the amount that they are obligated to pay.

Because this can actually be quite complicated, there are also certain steps that must be taken. Parents should go to the court that issued the initial child support order and get the appropriate paperwork completed and filed with the court. Parents wishing to stop child support payments should be aware that they will need to be able to defend their reasons.

Dealing with child support can be an emotional process for both parents, especially because kids can be expensive for those who are suddenly living on a single income. A family law attorney may help a parent understand how child support payments will be calculated so that they have a better understanding of their financial obligations. After the initial child support order is finalized, the attorney may also help parents who can no longer afford their child support payments with filing for a modification, especially if they lost their job or had a similar change in financial circumstances.