Waiting on the children

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Child Custody |

Parents who live in California and other parts of the country might have to deal with a narcissistic ex-spouse who tries to keep the children away by using gaslighting techniques. This may be common in shared custody agreements when one ex-spouse tries to get the agreement altered for more custody time.

When a narcissistic ex tries to keep the children away from the other spouse, there are various ways that it’s performed. One parent might inform the other that the children don’t want to come over. A parent could tell others that the spouse is abusive and mean to the children as a way to keep the children from spending time with the other parent. This type of behavior might be intended to influence court rulings for custody.

Children are put in the middle of a battle between a narcissistic parent who wants to keep them away from a parent who wants to make things work. This type of parent will often do anything possible to keep the children away from the other parent. It could be lying to the children or trying to make them think that they aren’t loved. The gaslighting tactic is one that can be overcome. Experts say that parents should be supportive of their children, ready and waiting to offer love and encouragement when they do return.

A family attorney may help draw up documents about visitation and what is expected from both parties during and after a divorce. The attorney may also offer mediation and assistance with any issues that arise if one parent violates the orders that are set forth in an agreement or by the court.