What to know about custody battles

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Child Custody |

California residents who are seeking custody of their children have to work to balance their needs with the needs of their children. One way that parents can obtain a favorable outcome is to keep good records. For instance, they could write down how much time was spent with the child or how much money was spent to provide for a son or daughter.

In some cases, an act as simple as driving a child to school or to a friend’s house can beneficial in showing how a parent cares for their child. It may be ideal to keep a list of people who witnessed an individual interacting with or providing for a son or daughter. In addition to keeping records about what a parent does right, it might be necessary to document the possible dangers a child faces from the other parent. Documenting drug use or other dangerous behaviors of a parent can increase the odds that the other parent obtains custody of a child.

Ultimately, a parent should be objective and thorough when collecting information that impacts a child custody case. In addition to keeping good records, having competent legal counsel may be beneficial whether a case is resolved in court or through mediation.

Whether a parent is seeking legal custody, physical custody or both, it is best to consider the needs of the child when doing so. Depending on the child’s age, he or she might have some input into a custody arrangement. An attorney may be helpful in a custody matter by providing an explanation of the law and how to use it to get a favorable outcome for a parent. This might mean getting increased visitation or being awarded sole custody of a child.