Divorce mediation can help resolve child custody issues

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Child Custody, Divorce Mediation |

Parents in California headed for divorce may be concerned about how to minimize the effects of the split on their children. This is especially true when dealing with some of the more complex matters that accompany a divorce like child custody issues. When both parents want the maximum time with their children, custody concerns can be difficult to resolve. However, mutual dedication to a positive outcome for their children can help many divorcing parents work together to develop a parenting plan that sets the foundation for their co-parenting relationship.

Divorce mediation can help divorcing spouses and their family law attorneys come together to reach a settlement on major issues. Often recommended by family courts, mediation for child custody issues often helps handle these sensitive topics in a non-adversarial manner by focusing on the best outcomes for the children. A mediated child custody process focuses on the involvement and contribution of both parents to their children’s lives and well-being. It does not strive to place blame for the end of the marriage but instead seeks mutually acceptable solutions that can help both parents move forward.

This kind of mediation can also help ease the burden on the children themselves. Even when parents strive to make the issues clear, children often feel responsible for the divorce, especially if they witness their parents fighting over custody time. Mediated child custody discussions help minimize the conflict to which the children are exposed.

Parents who are headed for divorce may find that they wish to avoid an excessively contentious court battle and reach a settlement privately. Divorce mediation attorneys may provide representation, counsel and advice to divorcing spouses and work to establish a mediation process that helps achieve a fair settlement on a range of issues, including child custody, spousal support and asset division.