How to act during a child support hearing

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Child Support |

If parents in California or any other state get a divorce, it may result in one person paying child support to his or her ex. The amount of a given payment is determined by a variety of factors based on information supplied by the parents. It is never a good idea to be less than honest when providing this information. Typically, the judge in a case will know if an individual is trying to game the system.

Showing up late is another way to draw the ire of a judge. If anything, an individual should aim to show up as early as possible to a support hearing. In addition to making a good impression, it may allow a person time to calm his or her nerves before the hearing begins. People should remember that a child support hearing is designed to hear issues related to child support only.

It is not a time to talk to the judge about custody matters or any other topic that an individual may feel is relevant. People should have realistic expectations when it comes to how much support to which they are entitled. While courts can impute income on parents who don’t work, it doesn’t mean that they will actually make an effort to earn money to support their children.

Child support payments are generally considered vital in raising a child to adulthood. Therefore, parents should be ready to make those payments as ordered. If they don’t, it could result in negative consequences, such as jail time or financial penalties. Individuals may benefit from hiring an attorney to help them with child support matters. Even if an order has already been granted, a lawyer may help someone obtain a modification if he or she is struggling to comply with that order.