How to keep divorce costs to a minimum

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Divorce |

California residents who get divorced could spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and other costs. However, there are ways that they can keep costs to a minimum when ending their marriage. For instance, picking the right lawyer can make it easier to get through the process in a timely manner. Choosing to work with a junior attorney or a paralegal instead of a senior partner can also reduce the cost.

Individuals are advised to ask about an attorney’s rate prior to signing any retainer agreement. Obtaining key documents and asking questions in groups instead of individually can reduce an attorney’s workload and the amount ultimately charged for services rendered. Remaining flexible on key issues and showing a willingness to negotiate can keep a divorce from becoming bogged down over petty details.

In addition to making a divorce less expensive, it may keep the peace between those who may need to raise children after the marriage ends. This helps both the adults and the children transition into their new lives. Finally, individuals going through a divorce should know that each case is unique. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to seek advice from friends or family members as it may not apply in their situation.

A divorce may be resolved either through litigation or mediation among other options. Those who opt for mediation will work with a neutral third party who will attempt to expedite the settlement process by enhancing communication between the parties. This may result in a settlement being reached with less stress and one that is satisfactory to both parties. Participants are of course entitled to have legal representation throughout the process.