Handling money with an ex after divorce

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Divorce |

Disputes about money can be one of the leading causes of divorce for couples in California and throughout the country. These problems, however, don’t always end with separation. Divorces require that each party come to an agreement about issues like the division of assets, debt, retirement plans, and child support. By having civil, thorough conversations, divorced couples can usually come to amicable solutions to all types of financial obstacles.

The most contentious financial issues facing divorced couples have to do with expenses involving children. School field trips, supplies, clothing, college, and other costs can be high, and deciding who pays for what should be planned ahead to avoid confrontation. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the divorce settlements. Parents can agree to pay for everything 50/50 or in proportion to their income. The more that’s on paper, the fewer problems there will likely be in the future.

Communication is key when coming to agreements about the future expenses of children. Each party needs to thoroughly communicate their priorities and take responsibility for funding non-essential activities that both parents can’t agree to. The child’s well being is usually a top priority for each party, and solutions can usually be found through calm, polite conversation.

When dealing with divorce legal issues, each parent has the right to support and guidance from an attorney. In many cases, a lawyer can help a client come to an amicable agreement regarding parenting costs with their ex-spouse through mediation or other means. Sometimes, however, strong emotions may make coming to an agreement difficult. It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to protect their client’s rights and financial interests both in and out of court.