Getting back child custody

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Child Custody |

Parents in California who lose custody of their children are likely to find it to be a very difficult experience. However, the loss of custody does not have to last forever. Many parents are able to regain their custody rights.

In order to get back custody of their children, parents should first understand why the family court judge determined that their children would be better off with someone else. The judge is required to render decisions regarding children based on what is in the best interests of the children. Understanding the reason behind the custody decision can help guide parents regarding what has to be done to reverse the decision.

Getting legal representation is also an important part of regaining child custody. Parents are likely to want to select an attorney who has experience with winning child custody cases similar to theirs. Recommendations can be sought from trusted family members and friends. Inquiries can also be made at the local chapters of the Legal Aid Society and American Bar Association.

It is not unusual for judges to make the reinstatement of child custody contingent on special conditions. Depending on the circumstances of the cases, parents may be required to take parenting classes, obtain counseling or undergo treatment for alcohol or drugs. Instead of voicing objects over the special conditions, parents should do what is necessary to fulfill the demands as doing so can help them gain favor with the court.

A family law attorney may consider the factors of a child custody case and suggest certain legal strategies to pursue to regain certain types of custody, including physical custody. The attorney may work to ensure that clients’ rights and interests are protected during hearings at which custody is determined or modifications are made to existing custody arrangements.