Grey Divorce: A Light at the end of an Unhappy Tunnel

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Divorce, High-Asset Divorce |

In California, older spouses involved in long-lasting marriages may view grey divorces as happy events. For many older couples, life is a burden too difficult to bear. Marriages often become unbearable because the spouses are no longer compatible. Divorce was frowned upon for generations, especially for couples involved in long-term relationships. Although the phrase “grey divorce” was invented in 2004, older couples had already been obtaining grey divorces for two decades. Today, older couples are filing for grey divorces.

Most people believe that marriage presents a challenge to each spouse. Sadly, spouses are not always able to cope with the challenges. The social taboo of getting a divorce is not as prevalent today. Nonetheless, the younger couple’s living in today’s society are not clamoring for divorces. Instead, older people, especially those who are over 50 years old, are filing for divorces. The reasons for getting a grey divorce varies from couple to couple. One important reason is that adultery is a growing trend among older married couples. However, a divorce caused by a cheating spouse may lead to complex asset divisions.

Regrettably, some older spouses no longer view adultery with disdain. An older spouse may have an illicit relationship without feeling guilty. The person may reason that their happiness is more important than a failing marriage. A spouse who has been married to the same person for years may not have the ability to cope with a cheating partner. Consequently, the person demands a grey divorce.

Older couples who end their marriages often need counseling from a divorce attorney. Real estate, asset valuation and retirement plans pose complications requiring legal assistance. An older person contemplating divorce needs to protect their property interests. Filing for a divorce with the help of a family law attorney may offer benefits to older clients.