The factors that are considered during child custody hearings

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Child Custody |

Parents in California who are considering divorce may be interested in understanding the impact that living accommodations have on child custody decisions. Courts will often make decisions about child custody and child visitation based on the conditions that the parents are living in. Different judges and states may have their own criteria, but there are a few universal things that will likely be considered.

The age and gender of the child are often factored in. If the child is of the opposite gender as the parent, the courts will likely want the child to have as much privacy as possible. This could mean having their own bedroom and bathroom. The older the child is, the more space the courts likely want the child to have. For example, the courts may not have a favorable impression of a circumstance where a teenage child is forced to share a bedroom with a sibling who is in elementary school. Courts could take the financial circumstances of the parent into consideration when making their decision.

Another factor that is considered is the number of children involved. If a parent wants to have custody of three children, the courts likely want there to be enough space for the children to have some privacy. They may look down on a circumstance where all three children share the same bedroom or where one child is sleeping on the couch or in the same bedroom as the parent.

The courts must consider a number of factors when determining child custody cases. A family law attorney may be able to work with their client to help them show why they meet the qualifications to have custody or visitation rights over their children. The attorney may be able to discuss the child custody process with their client and give their client the help needed to present their case before a judge.