Could a forensic accountant help in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2020 | High-Asset Divorce |

A possible issue for couples in a divorce is hiding assets or one party not disclosing all assets. Even if you think that you know about all the assets your spouse has, there is always a chance that he or she has accounts or even properties that you do not know about. This is an issue because if you do not list it in your divorce decree, then you lose all claims to an asset after the court finalizes the divorce.

This means that you need to do thorough research and investigation into your spouse’s finances before you settle the property division in your case. This is not always an easy task, especially if your wife or husband does not want you to find something. To avoid missing any assets, you may want to consider making a forensic accountant a part of the team working on your divorce.

What they do

A forensic accountant, according to The Forensic CPA Society, is an accountant who specializes in research and investigation for legal cases. This type of accountant will know how to look for hidden assets and check out your spouse’s finances. He or she can also assist with tricky situations, such as valuating a business.

If you use a forensic accountant in your case, he or she can testify in court on your behalf. If there is a situation with hidden assets, your accountant can bring that up and reveal it in court so that the court is aware of what happened.

Having a financial specialist on your side in a divorce can be incredibly helpful to ensure that you get access to all the assets that you have a right to. If you have any concerns about finances or issues with your spouse not being open about assets, then you should consider adding a forensic accountant on your side to build your case.