Think twice about how you use social media; it may affect your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Child Custody |

As you approach the lifechanging season of divorce, you are likely concerned about the fate of your children, your assets and support arrangements. How your life settles post-divorce may be determined by several different factors, including legal issues you and your spouse may encounter. But, did you know social media may be a source for evidence in a divorce court?

Social media posts are public for everyone with access to see. From your photos to your everyday activity on the posts of others, it is easy for anyone who is willing to find evidence to use against you in a case. This means that as long as the content or evidence of behavior is not obtained illegally, a party may use them to influence final arrangements for matters like child custody or even spousal support.

In fact, in an article posted last year, National Law Review cites that about four out of five lawyers are likely to find evidence from social media that is worth presenting in court. They also state that two-thirds of this type of evidence comes from Facebook.

Furthermore, there are technologies that exist which can recover deleted profiles and content. And while it may not necessarily be applicable in a divorce case, unless you face criminal charges, law enforcement may obtain a warrant to search your devices or personal digital space for relevant evidence.

In only a few short decades, the internet has changed the landscape of our family lives and our courtrooms. Everyone has something they stand to lose in a divorce; see that you protect what’s yours and approach social media responsibly, especially during the tough times.