What to look for in a mediator

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Divorce is never easy. However there are some paths that do offer unique benefits. One of those paths, for some couples, is mediation.

Mediation is often more flexible, less formal, less public and typically less time-consuming and expensive than going to court. Couple who have gone through divorce mediation often report having felt more empowered and heard and are typically satisfied with the results.

3 things to look for in a mediator

There are many things that can make a mediator a good fit for a couple. Here are the top three things you should keep in mind when seeking a mediator:

  1. The mediator should have a solid focus on family law and divorce. This should be at least 90% of their practice. This allows the mediator to have special knowledge, skill and experience in mediation.
  2. You should feel that the mediator is professional, but you should also feel comfortable discussing potentially emotional or personal issues with this person.
  3. Your mediator should know mediation. The mediator should be able to describe to you the process. The mediator should also understand that some issues require flexibility. Ask your mediator whether they are able to adapt and adjust their methods in cases of high-tension or emotional trauma.

A potential mediator should also be able to answer your questions about the process, billing and their availability.

While some divorces can take up to a year, generally speaking when a couple chooses mediation and is able make reasonable requests and accommodations of one another, the divorce process can more much more quickly.