Washington state sued for its role in a custody dispute

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One will often a hear the same term repeated over and over during child custody proceedings: the best interests of the children. That is the underlying standard that the court must weigh every decision made in such matters against. 

Oftentimes, a child’s best interest might involved parties other than their parents. Grandparents, extended family members or loving guardians might present a child with a more stable developmental environment when the parenting skills of their parents comes under scrutiny. Thus, such parties should not hesitate to fight for such interests on a child’s behalf. 

Grandparents sue state following grandsons’ murders

Oftentimes that fight may extend much longer than one anticipates. Such was the case for a couple in Washington, for whom a decision in their case to gain custody of their grandson’s came too late to save the boys’ lives. The state placed the boys in their grandparents’ care after authorities arrested their paternal grandfather (with whom they lived with their father) on a bevy of criminal charges including child pornography. A social worker, however, subsequently reported that no evidence of abuse at the hands of they boys’ father existed. The court thus granted him visitation. Sadly, he later killed both boys. Per KSL.com, the grandparents later sued the state for its representatives’ actions in contributing to the boys’ deaths. 

Staying firm in the struggle for custody

Child custody proceedings are rarely a singular event given that both parents maintain a responsibility for their kids until those children reach the age of majority. Setbacks along the way for either side may seem devastating (and cause some to even ponder giving up their struggles). Yet as the aforementioned case demonstrates, kids in custody matters need strong advocates. Having legal resources to rely on throughout the process may make the fight easier to endure.