How can you co-parent successfully?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Child Custody |

After a divorce, you may struggle to successfully parent alongside your ex-spouse, especially in cases where the divorce was lengthy or difficult.

By focusing your attention on the positives and allowing yourself to be flexible, you can improve your communication.

Be direct with each other

According to Huffington Post, clear and respectful discussions about visiting arrangements can help ease your stress and your child’s stress about this new situation. If you need to discuss a topic, do not use your children as a messenger. Instead, be sure to talk directly to your ex-spouse to avoid creating unnecessary tension.

This can also help you avoid arguments or passive-aggressive fights. By being upfront about your worries or troubles, you can show your children a healthy way to handle conflict.

Stay open

While you and your ex-spouse are no longer a couple, you still should try to keep an open line of communication. By sharing accomplishments or personal moments about your children the other missed, you can help create a positive atmosphere where you both can talk honestly. Focusing on the needs and emotional health of your children is one way to find common ground.

Coordinate schedules

When it comes to vacation trips and visitations, you may worry about how you can keep track of everything. By making sure to discuss timelines and schedules before you make plans, you and your ex-spouse can give your children a health amount of freedom to choose what they want to do with both of you. Being flexible and allowing for differences in parenting styles is one way to show your commitment to co-parenting.