How may I negotiate financial support with my soon-to-be ex?

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Your divorce may include regular financial support payments to assist with child-rearing expenses. As described on the County of Placer’s website, the court typically determines an amount using the California Guideline Child Support Calculator.

Each spouse’s income at the time of divorce generally factors into the final payment arrangement. As reported by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, you may also negotiate an agreement with your spouse and avoid the need to involve a divorce court judge.

May I fully avoid the court procedure?

If you prefer to work out an arrangement without a judge’s involvement, you may still need to adhere to certain California divorce law guidelines. To serve as a legal agreement, you may need to submit a signed document to the court to verify its acceptance by each party.

Individuals seeking to work out a support arrangement may also need to fully disclose their finances to each other. When both individuals possess income or financial holdings, it may influence what reflects a reasonable monthly payment amount.

May I negotiate a support arrangement even if we have a prenup?

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance recommends communicating with your spouse as soon as you begin to consider changing an existing premarital agreement. Even if your prenup specified no financial support, your family’s circumstances may have undergone significant and unforeseen changes. Your new circumstances may require revised considerations.

Out-of-court support negotiations between soon-to-be ex-spouses may help to avoid the lengthy process normally associated with the legal system. If you and your spouse agree to change your prenup or other arrangements on your own, you may save a considerable amount of time and effort. Your agreement, however, may require a signed written document to prevent future disputes or allegations of noncompliance.