How can divorcing couples make the most of mediation?

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Rather than go to court, you and your soon-to-be-former spouse want to mediate your divorce. You know the alternative dispute resolution method offers benefits, but how do you maximize them?

American Bar Association provides insights for making the most of divorce mediation. Understand how to save time in mediation sessions and win at divorce.

Untangle the issue from the person

When you encounter obstacles in mediation, focus on the problem rather than your current spouse’s actions. For instance, your marital partner may want more of your assets or disagree with your alimony request. Rather than argue, concentrate on the solution.

Focus on needs rather than wants

What do you need from mediation? What do you need most for your post-divorce life? Focusing on the greatest alternative to a negotiated arrangement offers a realistic mediation outcome. What you want from divorce may not be everything you need for the next chapter of your life.

Use objective solutions to find common ground

For disagreements, let objective material support mutual understanding. You and your soon-to-be-former partner may have different figures for your martial home’s value. Let an appraiser settle the matter for you rather than waste time disagreeing.

Concentrate on mutual gain

As you devise solutions, focus on mutual gain rather than individual benefit. The more viable options you offer your current partner, the more likely you both feel satisfied.

Remember that interests trump positions

Whatever your spouse asks for in the divorce, pinpoint the position behind it. For example, your partner may fight tooth and nail for more alimony out of financial anxiety, not because she or he wants to hurt you.

Mediation could make your divorce a breeze. Help yourself to peace of mind by getting the most out of every session.