Reasons people stay in unhappy marriages

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It may seem simple and straightforward that unhappiness in marriage should lead to a divorce. However, even if it does seem simple, divorce is not easy.

Many people choose to stay in marriages that are unhappy. They have many different reasons, but here are some of the most common.


While divorce is not necessarily easy without children, issues surrounding child support and parenting time can complicate the matter even further. Furthermore, many worry about the effect that the divorce will have on the children.

According to Psychology Today, statistics show that there is a correlation between parents’ divorce and children experiencing depression and anxiety or engaging in risky behaviors. However, a correlation is not the same as cause and effect, and it is unclear whether it is the break up of the parents’ marriage that affects children negatively or a breakdown of co-parenting following the divorce.


Research suggests that people who have more money to lose as a result of a divorce are more likely to stay married, whether they work out their differences or not. In the best-case scenario, in which the two spouses agree on almost everything, divorce expenses average about $13,000. In a contentious divorce, that number can be as high as $30,000. Many people who divorce, especially women, can end up suffering financially, losing a significant portion of their income compared to before the divorce.