What should you do after your spouse asks for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Even when divorce is in the best interest of a family, the process is still overwhelming. This is especially true when the other spouse is the one who files for divorce.

Many people feel blindsided upon learning the news, which can negatively affect decision-making during your divorce. Here are a few important steps you can take to protect yourself during the process.

Make your children a priority

When there are kids in a divorce, the process becomes even more complex. The decisions you make must properly support your kids, whether they involve asset division, custody, or alimony payments. Make your kids the guiding force in these decisions to ensure that you and your spouse continue to meet their needs. Not only is this beneficial for your entire family unit, it also makes negotiations easier between you and your ex.

Remain cool-headed when dividing assets

It is hard to leave the family home, but you must consider your financial health when it comes to this precious asset. If you are not able to maintain home costs on a single income, then it makes sense to sell the home and split the proceeds. If your spouse is able to retain the home on their income, you can discuss the exchange of other assets in return for your share in the home.

Seek mental health support if needed

Along with practical issues, people going through the divorce often need additional mental health support. This support is crucial in terms of self-care, as all divorces bring out some sort of negative emotions in people. Support in the form of a psychiatrist or therapist can keep you on the right path and help you cope with bad feelings.

Social support is also important during this overwhelming time. Be sure to surround yourself with friends and loved ones when you are feeling down.