Is divorce mediation right for you?

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If you are in search of an amicable and low-stress way to handle divorce, mediation is a great alternative. With this process, a professional mediator listens to both sides and determines the best possible strategy for all involved.

Divorce mediation is ideal for many couples, but it is not right for everyone. This guide explains when you should pursue this option, and when to seek out traditional divorce.

There are no instances of abuse in the relationship

Abuse causes an unfair power dynamic in relationships. For instance, the abused spouse may feel pressure to agree to terms that are not in their best interest during the mediation process. In this case, divorce is the only reasonable option, as prevailing laws will guide decisions regarding asset division and child custody.

Your ex is honest about financial matters

Asset division is a major component of marital separation. To ensure an equitable splitting of shared assets, both parties must offer a fair accounting of what is jointly owned. In the event your former spouse is concealing marital assets, it can be exceedingly difficult to get through the mediation process reasonably. However, if you are both forthcoming about property and assets, mediation is a great option.

There is minimal anger between both parties

Resentment is a common emotion during many separations. While understandable, a high level of anger and resentment will greatly complicate the mediation process. For example, your ex may be unwilling to find common ground due to their feelings. This can cause the mediation process to drag on indefinitely, which contributes to stress and expenses.

If your split was particularly contentious, mediation might not be the best option. However, if you and your former partner commit to working with one another in good faith, mediation offers a great solution.