Why mediating your divorce may save you money

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Divorce Mediation |

Not every California marriage ends because somebody cheated or otherwise broke the other party’s trust. Sometimes, marriages simply run their course, or two people in a marriage decide their relationship has become more platonic than romantic in nature. If this sounds like your situation, you may want to consider mediating, as opposed to litigating, your divorce.

Per Psychology Today, while mediation may not be appropriate in all situations, it offers notable advantages when compared to divorce litigation. Many believe that one of the biggest advantages that come with mediating your divorce is that it may cost you far less money in the long run. Why might mediating your divorce cost significantly less than litigating it?

Legal expenses are often lower

In a traditional courtroom divorce, the most sizable expense is typically legal fees. However, the point of mediation is to find common ground and come to an agreement about how to divide your assets, debts, and, if applicable, time with your children. While you still have to pay for a lawyer, mediation is far less adversarial than a courtroom divorce, which may lead to a sizable reduction in legal costs.

Mediated divorces are often faster

Fighting your ex over every last asset takes time, and when it comes to court, time means money. Divorce mediation often takes far less time than divorce litigation. Thus, you not only spend less on the divorce, but you also give yourself more time to move, return to work or otherwise adapt to life after your split.

While mediation is usually cheaper than litigation, it offers other benefits, too. For example, many families find that mediating a divorce is easier on their children than battling things out in court.