Your approach to mediation could impact its benefit for you

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Divorce Mediation |

Mediation could expedite your divorce process and give you the opportunity to achieve a more reasonable settlement. However, it requires flexibility, patience and the strength to look past high emotions.

The way you approach mediation could greatly impact its benefit for you. Staying level-headed and tackling things with a rational perspective may turn the tables in your favor.

Have realistic expectations

Divorce is not a cheap process. According to U.S. News, even a modest divorce could cost you $15,000 or more. Entering mediation with the perspective that you will leave with everything you want is unrealistic. This attitude could leave you terribly disappointed and scrambling for alternative solutions.

Prior to starting mediation, consider your expectations and make sure they are realistic. Separate things of value with things that you can easily replace. Ask yourself how badly you want certain things in comparison with how quickly you want to go separate ways from your spouse.

Come prepared to compromise

Prepare your emotions before mediation. Recognize that conversing with your soon-to-be ex could bring tension or cause you to feel anxious. With this in mind, fill your time with things that will help you relax and prepare for a productive discussion. In the days and hours leading up to your meeting, drink plenty of water and prioritize rest. Take care of yourself so you can be in better control of your feelings and actions.

Come prepared to compromise and reach an amicable agreement. Remind yourself that a swift arrangement will allow you to move on and begin making new goals for your future. The right approach to mediation requires maturity and professionalism. Embodying both of those characteristics could give you the upper hand.